The Completion of a new Soil Foundation Structure Interaction Facility – University of Bristol

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of a new Soil Foundation Structural Interaction Facility for our client, University of Bristol.

The £4 million facility will provide research into the design of foundations, piles and retaining structures, and the interaction of these with the ground under a range of seismic conditions.

It will primarily be a University research and development facility, with opportunities for educational interaction.    

“We are pleased to have recently completed this unique research facility of the University of Bristol. This new world leading research facility was constructed by Andrew Scott on a D&B contract basis, demonstrating that we can create and design the most innovative and unique facilities. The research that will be conducted at this facility will allow large scale multi-disciple testing to help better understand foundation design and how they interact with various soil types”, said Mark Bowen, Managing Director.

The new facility is world leading and is the first of its kind to house both a soil test pit, seismic shaking table and hexapod.     

From the outset the delivery team fully appreciated the sensitivities and operational challenges of working on the University estate. Good relationships were maintained with surrounding stakeholders and the team responded well to external requests. The facility was completed to a very high standard, much to the satisfaction of the Faculty of Engineering and the Estates team. The University recognised that Andrew Scott forged ahead under unprecedented and challenging conditions brought about by the pandemic. During this turbulent time intelligent mitigation measures were used to lessen the effects to the overall outcome of the project”, said Luke Everett, Project Lead (Capital Development) University of Bristol.