Pembrokeshire Eco Park

Andrew Scott Ltd are the main contractor responsible for delivering the new Eco Park Waste Recycling facility to support Pembrokeshire County Council’s waste and recycling programme, in line with the Welsh Government Strategy “Towards Zero Waste”. The facility will enable materials collected across Pembrokeshire to be bulked and sorted prior to onward transfer to a processing and disposal facilities across Wales and the UK.

Andrew Scott Ltd have been awarded the contract for the construction of the road and surrounding infrastructure, Phases 1, 2 and 3 – detailed below;

  • Phase 1 – Recycling transfer facility (the associated access roads are included in this phase for planning). This phase will also contain an office and visitor centre, offering the opportunity for groups to come learn about waste and recycling.
  • Phase 2 – Vehicle and staff parking area. A vehicle maintenance workshop and staff welfare facilities are also planned as part of this phase.
  • Phase 3 – Residual waste and recycling facility.

As part of this project Andrew Scott Ltd and Pembrokeshire County Council are committed to maximising recycling and re-use of excavated materials from the existing site to promote and increase a circular economy.

The first two months of the construction phase has involved remediating a former car park and concrete hardstanding, where excavated materials will be recycled for reuse within the project. This activity will be followed by bulk excavation to reach formation level across the site, where five new buildings will be constructed in the forthcoming months over spring and summer.

Up to April 2023, we have to date excavated the following;

  • 7000 tonnes of topsoil which has been stockpiled for re-use in landscaping
  • 1500 tonnes of former blacktop road surfacing which has crushed on site to re-use for site car park surfacing.
  • 1900 tonnes of concrete from existing structures which has been crushed and will be re-used as capping material across the site.
  • 1100 tonnes of existing subbase which has been re-used in our car parking and site compound.

We will continue to monitor our re-use, recycling and waste to ensure we meet all Andrew Scott Ltd, Pembrokeshire County Council and Welsh Government requirements and commitments.