New Build
First in the UK
Surf Bristol Ltd

Construction of a 200m inland Surf Lake using ground-breaking Wavegarden cove technology – the first of its kind in the UK. This exciting facility will generate up to 1,000 quality waves per hours, ranging from 50cm (1.7ft) to almost 2m (6.5ft) in height.

The new build also includes an education centre for schools and colleges, a café and bar, a surf shop. There’s also external works for landscaped gardens and car parks

Our absolute priority during the COVID-19 crisis has been to protect the wellbeing and livelihoods of our clients, teams, and their families across our business. We responded quickly at the start and have kept our sites operational throughout the pandemic. Our HSEQ team have contributed to us receiving RoSPA’s Gold Medal Award 9 years consecutively for our continued outstanding safety performance. We have only furloughed a small number of employees who required shielding. This has not impacted on any of our services or site operations, and we have not lost one day of operations. We have an established and proven set of COVID-19 Safe Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will ensure we can keep people safe while keeping sites open and running.
Exceeding Compliance

Our site operations have remained live since March 2020 with heightened safe working practices in accordance with both UK Government guidelines and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC). All of our on-site activities are carefully planned, monitored and executed in accordance with both legislation and guidance. During the pandemic, we have held a daily COVID meeting with key personnel including all directors and have reviewed our SOPs weekly in accordance with the latest guidance. Our Managing Director, Mark Bowen has contributed to these guidelines via webex meeting with CLC, CECA, CBI and CE in his role on the CBI Construction Board. Our proactive approach means we have implemented safe working procedures ahead of legislation requirements and responded quickly to the COVID-19 crisis through; 

+ Temperature monitoring at our site entrances and offices from Week 1 of lockdown. 

+ Delivery of four COVID-19 field hospitals, including 1400 beds at a rate of 100 beds per week, through the framework for NHS Wales and SWWRCF Framework.

+ Donation of over 10,000 items of PPE to several red COVID-19 triage surgeries and care homes. 

+ Barrier and fencing set-up along with PPE donated to staff at COVID-19 vaccination centre in Llanelli.

2m social distancing 

+ Site office layouts to allow 2m2 per workspace. 

+ Increased welfare facilities to suit capacity and resource numbers on site. Resources will be reviewed daily and site layouts and welfare facilities updated to suit demands. 

+ One-way systems on walking access routes and 2m spacing markers. 

+ Safe Working Marshal’s to remind people to abide social distancing rules.

+ Meetings held via web-based meeting applications as much as possible limiting contact, screens and technology will be provided on site to facilitate this. 

+ Enhanced signage on all welfare, stores, project entrances and site areas, identifying the maximum number of people permitted to be in an area at any one time. 

+ Staggered break and lunch times, with clear signage for social distancing in the canteen. 

+ We will keep the same gangs of operatives together for the longevity projects. 

+ Phase trades and in-side working to ensure numbers in one room/area within the building is kept to a minimum. 

+ Use our online induction system for all staff, operatives, supply chain staff, client team and visitors prior to attending site.

site set up & working practices
As a company, we do not class adhering to the guidance as an obligation, but as an absolute necessity and common duty owed to our valued clients, all our employees, visitors and sub-contract partners. We implement the following site set up and working practices to ensure safety of all site personnel and visitors. This is a minimum requirement and will be reviewed weekly in line with Andrew Scott SOPs, which are updated regularly in line with Government guidance and legislation.